Being on the coast, Pembrokeshire has so many fantastic fishing spots, but getting to them can sometimes be a bit tricky. There are many fishing trips available which take you out to sea for a few hours or you can find a spot on the coast and cast away.  Make sure you check the tide tables and the weather as fishing off the coast can be dangerous.

If the weather is bright then you can cast from many of the beaches in the county, but make sure you don’t catch any swimmers.  Bass are very popular from beach fishing and if the water is deep enough you can also get Mackerel and Pollock. Cod can be caught but usually in deeper waters out to sea.  Fishing off the coast can be frustrating by being snagged and also catching unwanted fish such as Dog fish and Rass to name a few which are both edible but require a bit more work preparing.

Personally my favourite spot for a bit of Mackerel fishing is Strumble Head which is near Fishguard during July to early September you can get beautiful Mackerel which to me and my family  is a delicious fish.

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